The famous psychologist Paul Watzlawick has written the bestseller „Guide to Being Unhappy. In this he describes the essential points of how human behaviour manages to negatively influence its own reality and thus to put itself in an energetically bad state. Watzlawick was one of the first to establish so-called constructivism. In simple words: „Everyone is the blacksmith of his own fortune“!

Because reality is created by one’s own thoughts, everyone is also responsible for one’s own reality. Watzlawick is also known for the expression of self-fulfilling prophecy, which he paraphrases in his wonderful Hammer story as follows:

The Hammer Story
A man wants to hang up a picture. But he doesn’t have the nail, the hammer. Now he’s thinking about borrowing the hammer from his neighbor. So the man decides to go over. But then a doubt comes over him: What if the neighbour does not want to lend him the hammer? Already last week the neighbour had looked at him so critically. Was that just because he was in a hurry? Or is he really so arrogant that he couldn’t even greet me? What is this guy imagining just because he has a hammer and I don’t? No of this man I will not borrow a hammer, he thinks. People like that guy poison your life, he thinks in his mind. Then he decides to go over there and before the neighbour can say hello, he screams: „Keep your hammer – you bully!“

Here are the most important things you need to be unhappy:

Blaming other people for something.
Negative projections into the future
Not accepting the past and living in it
His family and especially parents not to accept you as you are
To reproach yourself and not to love yourself
While this is relatively clear to most people, it does not mean that they behave in this way because the difficulty lies in distinguishing between conscious and unconscious behaviour, thinking and especially feeling.

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