Our self-confidence grows with the knowledge of how we create our own reality with our consciousness and subconsciousness. The more clarity they have about the essential reasons for success, failure, good relationships and health, the faster they can achieve their goals and strengthen their self-confidence.

Visualization is a key to more self-confidence

Visualization is the divine quality and sight that works in the spirit of people. Every thought contains a picture of the underlying idea. Strong emotional feelings, which are the structuring component in the creation of our reality, arise only through visualization. As well as how they can visualize states of fear, they can also generate states of happiness through the power of inner images.

Self-confidence = to be aware of oneself

Many people believe that thoughts like out of nowhere attack them. However, we are always the own creators of our thoughts, even if we often cannot believe this. Therefore it is particularly important to learn to feel our subconscious again. This can be practiced regularly. In recent decades, many methods have been further developed for this purpose, such as hypnosis or autogenic training.

Under stress self-confidence

Unconscious blockades, fears as well as negative beliefs show themselves especially in stressful situations like:

relationship crises
financial crises
Unemployment etc…
But how can we now clean our subconscious so that consciousness and subconsciousness grow together and thus strengthen our self-confidence? Now this happens again by means of the correct visualization.

Here they can specifically feel into anxiety situations and dissolve these feelings.