Well-being is the foundation of our earth, and when we are well, it is much easier to visualize the felt final state.

At this point, I would like to mention again the usual tips for healthy nutrition. I have already mentioned the subject of good water. You should drink enough of it.

It’s the same with sleeping. Sleep should be sacred to you since it is a prerequisite to have a good day.

Maybe you feel like constantly expanding your consciousness, then I recommend you the topic of meditation. Meditation is very good to improve your visualization power.

A healthy diet is a matter of course, but also a healthy time management. As long as you are concerned with incriminating things, you will not find the peace to be consciously creative.

Tip: Clean up your life properly. This concerns your household, your relationships, etc. Abandon all that really incriminates you.

Create emotional clarity.

Eliminate all stressing activities.

Focus on the things that really matter to you. Many people quickly get bogged down in their lives and want to please everyone instead of thinking about themselves.

Develop a good time management!

The same applies to the issue of debt. Debts should never be so high to create emotional pressure in you.

Develop a good plan to become debt-free.


Clarity in all topics of life is a wonderful feeling.

Do sports that free the body, the soul and the spirit!

Try to make the best of everything and don’t panic. Eliminate all negative emotions, these are known to structure the creation of reality.